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My Teenage Dreams

LifestyleErykah St. Louis
My Teenage Dreams

I'm dedicating this throwback Thursday to my childhood-teenage thoughts.

When I would think about what I wanted to do when I grew up, I couldn’t think of anything other than hair and makeup. Like literally couldn’t picture myself doing anything else.

Mentally I couldn’t visualize any other options because those were the only things that I loved back then (still love them, duh, but I have more love interests now 🦄).

Every Sunday my daddy took my siblings and I to the library.

He would make me take out books about random things like the Zulu’s in South Africa, but as I got older, my reading shifted to the fashion and beauty section.

I had my own little personal study going on of @bobbibrown@kevynaucoin and @andrewalkerhair Andre Walker was THE first to create that alpha/numeric hair type system.

This is what I wanted to do. But I had no examples of how to even get there. And of course for my parents those careers weren’t options. They were side things to do. Which I did...In my last 2 years of high school I braided hair during lunch and after school.

I wrestled hard trying to figure out “what to do when I grow up?” I remember telling myself, “I hate computers. I’m not a computer person. I don’t want to do anything with computers.”

Life is hilarious. Everything I do today is on the freaking computer. I do digital/techie things for a living. And I’ve also managed to keep up my hair and makeup skills.

Fast forward to my #JesusYear & #NewMom thoughts: exposing kids to options is the most important thing adults in their lives can do for them. They need to see what’s possible so that they can imagine, picture, and consider.