I Live in Black

I Live in Black

I get what mom jeans are now. I really do. I never understood what they meant or how they came into being but I get it now.

I understand it because my personal style has changed after pushing that six pound baby out of me—for all of 10 minutes (I’m very proud of those 10 minutes). It started to change during pregnancy as my body took on a new form. I had to learn about shopping in the maternity section (there are half decent options), sifting through clothes that matched my new shape.

For most of pregnancy I was in hermit mode, partly because I didn’t like my style. I also didn’t care to buy a ton of maternity clothes because I knew it was very temporary.

I lost interest in clothing and became more introspective— as many pregnant women do.

Maintaining a personal style was a low priority for me. Which has caused my style to be in suspension for the past two years. I’ll be honest, that has been rough.

Now I am starting to see that I have more space in my head to think deeply about clothes and how I want to feel in them.

I have always loved black.

I can do patterns and pops of colour here and there but in general I just like dark clothes. In the thick of my postpartum period I gravitated towards black, gray and denim.

It was easy and black has always made me feel confident and pulled together.

Whether becoming a mom of one or four I think a woman goes through a shift with every pregnancy. But perhaps the biggest shift happens when you become a first time mom because it’s brand new.

This is an experience that you have never had before and you have nothing else to compare it to except for stories from other people. It is natural and perfectly normal for a woman’s style to take a back seat during this transitional period.

Life is shifting, you’re thinking about diaper changes, feedings, what brand of products to use and the list goes on. For myself and plenty other women clothes just don’t make it to the top of the list.

My style at this stage in my motherhood is a work in progress. It’s evolving and I’m still trying to figure out what I’m drawn to and what I’m happy leaving on the rack.

I’m still very comfortable in my black though. It’s my staple, it’s my go-to, my tried and true and I can never go wrong with it. Although some people are trying to encourage me to add some colour to my life. I’ll think about it :).